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A New Fastener to Solve Limited Access Applications

The designer's necessity for fasteners in restricted access applications is quite limited by choice when it comes to conventional fixings and fasteners. The recently designed Blind Bolt has been developed as a fixing for blind hole applications, providing more flexibility in those applications where space and accessibility is limited.

The Blind Bolt is unique in its design, requiring no special tools for fittings and no oversize hole diameters, thus allowing fewer fixings to be used, yet retaining rigidity and strength in application.

The product has a broad fixing capability, whilst achieving a superior performance in both shear and tensile load capabilities. Another important benefit in using the Blind Bolt is ability to be removed in the majority of applications, allowing maintenance activity to take place.

Offering a range of seven diameters in high tensile steel with a protective coating of either zinc or yellow passivation, or hot dip galvanising, the Blind Bolt is also available in A2 stainless steel for applications where corrosion resistance capability is necessary.

The Blind Bolt fixing can be used in vertical and horizontal fittings. Of special note are the larger diameters; M16, M20 and M24 where the Anchor is released by inserting a wire pin into bolt groove to ensure accurate assembly.

Of particular note are the opportunities in the engineering and construction sectors were bridge-work obstacles and structural clamping methods can be eliminated by using the Blind Bolt for its flexibility in application.

For those special applications the Blind Bolt can be manufactured to customer requirements both in size and material type.

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